limiting beliefs

  • Hypnosis Changes Lifelong Fear

    Fears and Phobias

    Fears and phobias are usually one of the easiest issues to resolve using hypnosis. Usually in only one session, your hypnotist can help you find the cause of your fear and lead you through techniques to resolve it. The transformation that occurs through this process is life-changing for many people who have been plagued by fear for much of their life.

    Terri's Story
    Terri had a fear of enclosed spaces. She was terrified of being in a room with no windows, elevators, even of riding in the back seat of a car. Life for Terri was ridden with fear that she didn't want, or understand. Terri's husband brought her in to see me. It was a huge leap of faith for Terri to walk into my office, since it had low lighting and no windows. It demonstrated how much she wanted change.

    We traced back Terri's fear to a time when she was about 4 years old. Her brother was always taunting her and playing tricks on her…she remembered a time when he had wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the dresser drawer, then closed it and left her there. She couldn't move, she couldn't breathe and she panicked. After screaming for what seemed like a lifetime, her sister came to her rescue, but from that time on she was deathly afraid of small spaces. Her subconscious mind thought that if she were confined like that again, that she might die, and that fear was ever present in her mind.

    After the session, Terri's husband wanted to see if the hypnosis worked. Terri told him she could tell the fear was gone, she felt different, but he wanted to really test it. He took her to a hotel and had her ride in the elevator. She had no anxiety, no fear whatsoever. So he took her home. He was amazed at the instant changes in her behavior. At home, he convinced her to go into the attic, then locked her in. She was fine; in fact, she told him that she could stay there for hours.

    Terri's life has changed dramatically. She no longer has to refrain from drinking liquids while she's out because she can't go into a public bathroom. She can ride in any car without fear. She knows that she can handle any situation without that gripping fear.

  • Zap Your Limiting Beliefs MP3

    Zap Beliefs MP3

    Do you have 20 minutes?  Then you can change your life.

    That's right - with our newest addition to our line of life-changing CDs and MP3s, you can cancel out your old beliefs - the ones that are stopping you - and create and install powerful new beliefs that will help you achieve more, be more and get more out of life.

    Remember, your brain is like a have old programming that was acquired not because you thought about it and chose it, but because of your family's beliefs, your religion, your traditions, experiences and circumstances.  These aren't necessarily beliefs that you want...they're just what you have.  And they run your life, just like programs run a computer.

    So, what's your programming?  Do you always seem to almost reach success, then spiral downwards?  Do you have relationships that keep ending the same way?  Do you have thoughts or feelings that you don't like?  You are being controlled by your belief system...but all that can change. It will change, because you've found the secret.

    Zap Your Limiting Beliefs with this new, powerful recording that will walk you through a process to find those limiting beliefs at their core, and transform them into beliefs that will support your dreams and desires.

    If you've ever tried affirmations, positive thinking and the Law of Attraction without success, you have beliefs that are causing resistance, pushing away the things that you want. Now, in less than 1/2 hour, you can change a core belief that has been standing in your way of getting what you want.

    Change BeliefsIt's your choice.  You can choose to keep the beliefs that have gotten you where you are in life. Or you can choose to change them.

    Choose to change them today - and start on the path of creating a life - designing yourself anew, just the way you've always wanted to be.

    You'll easily relax with the soothing music, and the soft voice will guide you into your inner control center, where you will find those old beliefs and remove them from your emotional, history, genetic and spiritual centers, then you'll create new beliefs and install them, activating new thoughts, responses and actions that will move you toward what you really want, and that old resistance will just dissolve away.