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  • Hypnosis Resolves Blocks to Success

    Blocks to Success

    Many people are frustrated at their level of success in their work, finances and even relationships. Through hypnosis, you uncover the blocks that are keeping you from the success you desire and deserve. By uncovering old, limiting beliefs and replacing them with new, empowering beliefs, change becomes almost automatic. Your hypnotist will help you discover how your inner mind's perception of you, and to transform that perception to be your "ideal self." Your self-confidence will benefit as will many other areas of your life. Things that were previously blocking you will disappear and you will be free to pursue the success that you desire.

    Toby's Story
    Toby was a massage therapist that specialized in sports therapy. He loved what he did, but just didn't have the motivation to excel. He wanted to grow his business and to really become excellent at his work, but generally ended up cancelling or not showing up for training, and avoiding situations that might help him progress in business. He was frustrated because he didn't understand why he would sabotage himself. He felt that some unseen thing was holding him back, keeping him immobilized.

    In hypnosis, Toby found a direct link from that lack of motivation to a specific feeling of being frozen and immobilized. We followed that feeling all the way back to a time when he was 1 year old, sitting in a high chair. His mother was washing the dishes from dinner, and had left him in the dining room, buckled tightly in his seat. He cried out to her as he tried to crawl out of his seat, but she didn't come. He felt restricted and confined, unable to move. His subconscious mind at that time made the determination that being immobilized was how he was kept safe and secure, and that reaching out, or taking risks was unsafe.

    Toby saw how this related to many events in his life, and after resolving that event and a few others, Tony was amazed at how excited he became about the possibilities opening up in his life. He felt that nothing could hold him back and has gone on to become a knowledgeable and respected member of his field.

    Hypnosis helps resolve old beliefs and feelings - schedule your appointment today!

  • Motivation - 3 MP3s

    Extreme Motivation - supercharge your motivation and reach your goals!

    Do you feel blocked?  Do you procrastinate? Do you want to reach a new level of success?Motivation Hypnosis MP3s

    Motivation is a key element in any success story.  To be successful, you have to stay clear, focused, determined and on purpose, but many people have trouble staying "in the zone."  

    What if there were a way you could refocus and recharge in just a few minutes?  What if you could get really clear about what direction to go and what actions to take?  And what if your level of commitment shot up to 200%?

    Extreme Motivation is the program that you need to rocket propel yourself to success!

    This program includes 3 audios that will help you find and overcome your blocks to success, guide you to a clear focus of what you really want and spur you into Inspired Action, easily and effortlessly achieving your dreams, desires and goals. It combines hypnotic techniques with mental exercises and visualization, giving you the tools you need to make instant, deep, lasting change.

    Use these audios separately when you need to work on just one issue, or all together for a powerful, inspiring experience.

    Audio 1: Clarity and Purpose: 23.30 Minutes

    Extreme Motivation MP3To be truly successful, you need to define what you truly want.  In this audio you will take on the attributes of an eagle - clear sight, laser focus and objectivity.  You'll be able to get really clear about what you really want and why. Use it when starting new projects, or when you need clarity or direction on a current project.
    Audio 2: Conquer the Fear - 23 Minutes

    We all have limiting beliefs that get in the way, and fears that keep us from being our best.  They cause us to procrastinate, avoid and be less effective in our actions. In this audio, you'll be guided to discover what those beliefs and fears are, and you'll be able to resolve and release them.

    Audio 3: Inspired Action - 16.06 Minutes

    No matter how much you visualize or use the "Law of Attraction," you still need to take action to make your dreams come true.  This audio will light a fire deep within you that will keep you on the path you choose and inspire you to take "right" actions.  This is a great audio to listen to every morning to help you stay motivated and in action, moving toward your goals.

  • Prosperity MP3

    Use the Universal Law of Attraction to Manifest Prosperity

    Open your mind to prosperity as you visualize your way to your abundant life. Unlock the secret of the Law of Attraction as this Prosperity MP3 leads you through a powerful visualization, connecting you to that which you desire by thought and emotion, and keeping that connection consistent by programming in the skills of attracting and allowing...

    This powerful audio program walks you through the process of manifesting abundance, step by you the power to live the abundant life you desire.

    Our Law of Prosperity CD uses specific technology of the mind, developed over years of research with clients, leaders in the industry and state of the art techniques, based on the Law of Attraction, to help you get what you want.  Like attracts like.  The thoughts that you continually think, attract those things that match those thoughts.  Wouldn't it be great to automatically change your thinking so that you'd be manifesting abundance and fulfilling your desires, instead of attracting what you don't want?

    Start using the Dynamic Law of Prosperity to change your life today!

    The Inner Dimension Series Secret Law of Attraction Prosperity CD will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

    In only 20 minutes a day, you'll begin changing the way you think, feel and behave - automatically!  In this Emotive Visualization, you'll simply lean back with your eyes closed, put on your headphones and begin to create the abundant life that you want, a life of prosperity that you will LOVE.  That's right.  Just follow the soothing voice that will guide you as you begin communicating powerfully with your subconscious mind, making the changes that you desire and using the Dynamic Law of Attraction to draw to you all the things you want in life.  You'll feel the resistance simply melting away as you are guided through creating your new  abundant life, a life that you create and choose.  As you begin using this CD, you become a powerful creator, powerful enough to create a life that you will absolutely love.


                   "Life is a mirror of your consistent thoughts."

                                 - Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich



    Imagine having the home of your dreams...

    Prosperity MP3
    Imagine your bank account loaded with money...


    Imagine that new car you've been wanting...


    Imagine getting that raise...


    Imagine traveling around the world, taking lavish vacations...


    Imagine being spoiled...I mean... really spoiled...

    Prosperity means different things to different people...what do you want in your treasure chest?



    It's easy, just listen to the Secret Law of Attraction Prosperity CD, 20  minutes a day, to create a new abundant life where you manifest your desires and have everything you want.  Align your powerful, subconscious mind with your intentions and you'll simply be amazed at the new opportunities opening up everywhere in your life.  You'll see prosperity start to flow, begin to acquire the things you want and most of all, you'll feel the way you want to feel.  Secure.  Happy. Isn't that what you really want?




  • Self Esteem for Women MP3

    Face it...just about every woman you know could use some extra self esteem.Self Esteem for Women MP3

    Because we live in a world where the media has created the impression that a woman can only be noticed, loved and appreciated if you are slender, smart and beautiful, we simply adopt the belief that we are inadequate, imperfect and not good enough.

    You are constantly bombarded with messages like this - we know on a conscious level that it's not right - that every person is unique and has talents and gifts, but we still feel unworthy inside. We spend countless hours in front of the mirror, trying to eliminate our wrinkles, get the gray out of our hair and cover up our blemishes. We spend thousands of dollars on creams, pills, programs, and information on how to be thinner, sexier, happier, healthier, and prettier.  But the problem is deeper than that.

    What you want is to feel good about yourself. You want to look in the mirror and be OK, even happy with who you are.  You want to stop beating yourself up because your sister has a prettier smile, or because you have some cellulite on your thighs.  You want to stop disliking, even hating yourself.

    We've created the answer.

    Self Esteem for WomenOne of our most popular requests, Boost Self Esteem for Women, comes at the perfect time - the time of change.

    As you listen to this program, you'll discover so much about yourself, what limits you and why you feel the way you do.  You'll experience an awesome sense of relaxation where you will let go of the old experiences that caused you to feel bad about yourself, and you'll open up to loving yourself - it's amazing.

    It might sound too good to be true, but every time you listen to this program, you'll be releasing more and more of that negativity, those old programs running in your brain, and building more self appreciation and self love. You'll find yourself being more confident, feeling better about yourself and your situation, and more accepting of both yourself and others.

    You need self esteem - you need to discover the core strength and courage that lives within you.  Don't wait - Boost your Self Esteem today!


  • Stress Management MP3


    In just 20 minutes a day you can learn to relax, lower your blood pressure, and improve the way you Stress Management MP3react to stressful situations.

    Stress can be exhausting. With work, family, bills, and expectations of the people in our lives and society, we can get totally overwhelmed. We end up losing productivity, getting work "burn out," stressed relationships and it begins taking a toll on our health.

    You may not be able to change your situation, but you can retrain yourself to react in a healthier way.

    What you think creates the emotions that you feel.  If you worry consistently, you will feel anxious and stressed. If you fret over what you think might happen, you use a lot of extra energy, and may wind up feeling tired and drained.  Stress is a number 1 factor for people who are depressed or have anxiety. The thoughts you are thinking can keep you in a high state of stress, and this has a detrimental effect on both your mind and your body.

    What if your brain automatically began to step back and look at things more objectively?  What if, just by listening to a CD, you were able to sleep better, focus more, stay more positive, and quiet those voices inside your head?

    Train your brain to react positively in stressful situations.      

    Stress MP3Just by listening to this CD (MP3), 20 minutes a day, you will be on your way to feeling less stress.  Our clients are amazed at how much better they sleep, even the first time they listen.  And better sleep automatically helps you feel better, have more energy, and stay more calm throughout the day! As you glide through this soothing visualization, you'll be retraining your brain to react to situations in a new way, improving your problem solving skills and bringing your stress levels down.


    Learn to relax, sleep better and let your worries slip away...


  • Success MP3

    Use the power of your Inner Mind to get the results YOU WANT! Success MP3

    “Emotive Visualization” MP3 allows you to:

    Create and Set Goals that are right for you!
    Blast away the blocks that have held you back!
    Become a healthier, happier person - without effort!

    Achieve SUCCESS in every area of your life!

    Just imagine what you could do if you had access to A SECRET CONTROL PANEL inside your brain…

    A control panel that enables you to develop the qualities of some of the most successful, rich and powerful people to ever live on the earth…by following a simple process.  The best part is YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL of this awesome power.
    If you want to experience powerful self-confidence…

    If you want to set clear, defined goals

    If you want to think positive thoughts and overcome negativity

    If you want to be more motivated than you’ve ever been before

    If you want to achieve the level of success you’ve only dreamed about…

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to be the one behind that Control Panel?  Of course it would!  Too bad the brain doesn’t come with one…

    That’s why we developed one for you!

    We spent years researching transformational techniques with our coaching clients and came up with specific visualization techniques to get past limiting beliefs, increase motivation and use the Universal Law of  Attraction to REPROGRAM YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS.

    Our ground-breaking technique, “Emotive Visualization,”  enables you to quickly change your life with MINIMAL EFFORT.  Can Self-Enrichment get any better than this?  Just sit back, put the headphones on and enjoy the soothing music as the CD walks you through a 20-minute guided visualization where you will begin to create a new life, a life that you choose, A LIFE THAT YOU WILL LOVE.

    Success MP3With virtually NO EFFORT.

    It’s the simplest, most enjoyable method of changing…fast.

    But what is Emotive Visualization ?


    Emotive visualization, based on the Universal Law of Attraction, the nature of the subconscious mind and transformational theory works so well because you’re communicating your desires directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious mind.  Because of the structure of the visualization, the subconscious builds a new inner picture of you, the way you want to be.

    Once the subconscious mind has this new picture of you IT MUST MAKE THAT PICTURE A REALITY

    That’s how your mind works.  The subconscious must adhere to what you believe, deep inside.  The subconscious then begins to make that picture a reality, producing powerful and exciting change - quicker than everything you’ve ever seen before.  And the best part is…


    That’s right - by listening to this MP3 consistently, you’ll begin to FEEL BETTER almost immediately.  The visualization guides you into creating POWERFUL POSITIVE EMOTIONS that will immediately have an impact on how you think, how you feel and how you behave.  Imagine feeling successful, happy and free!

    And best of all - the changes come from the INSIDE.  Just imagine how EASY that is.

    It’s as though your inner being and thoughts have been TRANSFORMED.  Your subconscious takesConfident Success that inner picture of you and begins to make changes in the way you think and feel, and that brings you positive results.  You’ll become happier, more confident and much more successful, in all areas of your life.


    The decision to try out the Inner Dimension Success MP3 is not a big one.  It’s something you can do right now, as simple as opening a door.  And that decision WILL Change YOUR Life!


    I know... I’ve been a self-help junkie since I was a teenager. I’ve listened to masters like Tony Robins, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and many, many more. I’ve attended seminars, done workshops, training, even hired my own business and personal coach. But none of it was as powerful as the change I experienced by listening to this MP3. This is no marketing spiel. It’s the truth.

    That’s how much I believe in the power of this technology, and the change that’s available to you through this incredible MP3.

    The question is:

    How soon will YOU discover the awesome power that is within YOU?

    I hope it’s soon.

    And I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to achieve the level of success that you want.

    That you REALLY want.

    Begin Changing your life today.  I want to hear from you…how the MP3changed your life.  I want to know what opportunities open up for you and what success you’ve achieved by just listening to the MP3, 20 minutes a day…

    Life is all about OPPORTUNITY.  The Success MP3 allows you to take advantage of this huge opportunity to UNLOCK the powers of your inner mind, and TAKE CONTROL of your life.

    Remember, SUCCESS MP3 is the CONTROL PANEL for your BRAIN


  • Teen Self Esteem MP3

    Self Esteem...we all need it.Teen Self Esteem MP3

    Growing up isn't easy. Peer pressure, self-doubt, feelings of low self worth and fear of humiliation dominate our teens' thoughts and actions.

    What if there were a way you could help your teen
    improve self esteem and  feel good about
    who they are?

    What if you could re-program you teen for
    confidence and positive thinking?

    Would you do whatever it takes to help your teen build a
    happy, fulfilled, confident life?


                Self Esteem:

        self-es・teem  [self-i-steem]
        A realistic respect for or
        favorable impression of oneself'; self-respect

    Teens are visual.

    You know they are...they sit in class and daydream with their eyes wide open. At dinner, they'll be miles away, envisioning whatever is on their mind, creating whole worlds behind the blank stare.

    Wouldn't it be GREAT if there were a way to use a teen's skills at visualization to help them program confidence and success into their life? Wouldn't it be awesome if they could use those inherent skills to Improve their Self Esteem?


    NOW we can!

    There's a technology called "Emotive Visualization," that breaks through all those teen barriers, resistance, walls, attitudes and fears! Teens relate to stories, they learn by stories. We've created a special story for them focused around improving self esteem and building self confidence using this technology that will engage all their senses, creating direct communication to their inner mind where their "programming" and belief system is.  As they follow the story of the Puppet Master, they make internal changes, overcoming limiting beliefs and building new, positive beliefs about their self worth that will help them feel better, be confident and make wise decisions. Isn't that what you want for your teenager?


    We all want our kids to be the best they can be. We have so many special kids out there, teens who have past issues, who may have been abused, teased, put down, and hurt. They have low self esteem. They want to feel good about themselves. They want to feel like they deserve a great life, that they deserve love. And they do. Your teen deserves to feel self confident and worthy. They deserve the chance to believe in themselves and to develop a sense of respect and self worth.

    Teen Self Esteem MP3NOW IS THE TIME

    Now is the best time to help your teen. Help them change how they feel about themselves and give them the chance to build a confident, bright future.  There is so much possible for these kids!  But if they can't see it, and they don't believe in themselves, they will miss it. Don't let that happen to your teen! Help them improve their self esteem and self confidence today.

    When your teen listens to this CD on a daily basis, he or she will build an inner strength, they will learn to trust their own judgment and rely less on peers to make their choices. You want your teen to respect who they are and to be able to stand up for what they believe in, instead of being easily swayed by the group.

    Give your teen what they need, give them the chance to control their own life, to be objective about their situation and feel self confident enough to be strong about their values. Give them a chance to feel strong self worth.

    Think about how hard it was for you to build self confidence as a child and teen. Other kids can be mean. They beat down your self esteem if you aren't just like them, if you don't have all the "cool" stuff, or if you are different in any way. Wouldn't it have been great if you had a Self Esteem MP3 that you could just listen to, that would improve self esteem and build self confidence? What if your brothers and sisters had that, too?  What if you knew how to improve self esteem and build self confidence when you were a teenager? Wouldn't that have changed your life?

    Common questions:

    Will my teen really listen?

    Because it can be difficult to reach teens, and because they tend to have a short attention span, we have constructed the techniques into a unique, very visual story. As your teen listens to the story, they become emotionally involved. Because the story makes them feel good, they are more motivated to listen to it. And as they use their powerful imagination to create images and visions in their mind, they are swept away by the contents of the story and the meaning within. Once your teen discovers how this technology changes the way they feel, and they feel comfortable that the purpose is to help them and give them more control, they'll be easily convinced to listen once a day.  Listen to the introduction with them, then give your teen the space to experience the CD on their own.  Or listen to the whole CD with them the first time, then have them listen on their own with headphones. The key is not to force it on them, but to help them feel comfortable, and enroll them in the benefits they will receive. You'll both benefit improved self esteem and self confidence that your teen will develop.

    Can children use this Self Esteem for Teens Program?

    Absolutely.  Anyone can benefit from this program, even if they only listen for a few minutes.  If you have a younger child, this product can help them improve self esteem and build confidence at an even earlier age! Building self confidence and self esteem when young can only improve the child's skills, abilities and behaviors.

    What if my teen won't listen?

    The best thing you can do to help your teen improve self esteem and build self confidence is build your relationship with them. Talk to your teen openly and honestly about your feelings and what you want for them to achieve from the program. Let them know that you don't think it's wrong to have low self esteem and low self confidence. Don't push it on them, if they don't want to change, you can't make them. This program is a tool for developing and improving self esteem, and if you can enroll your child in the benefits of listening and improving their self esteem, both of you will win. If you need personal coaching on how to present this program to your teen...please contact us and we will help you find the best solution. Our goal is to help as many teens as possible to improve self esteem and build self confidence, and we can provide you with additional resources to help.

  • Zap Your Limiting Beliefs MP3

    Zap Beliefs MP3

    Do you have 20 minutes?  Then you can change your life.

    That's right - with our newest addition to our line of life-changing CDs and MP3s, you can cancel out your old beliefs - the ones that are stopping you - and create and install powerful new beliefs that will help you achieve more, be more and get more out of life.

    Remember, your brain is like a have old programming that was acquired not because you thought about it and chose it, but because of your family's beliefs, your religion, your traditions, experiences and circumstances.  These aren't necessarily beliefs that you want...they're just what you have.  And they run your life, just like programs run a computer.

    So, what's your programming?  Do you always seem to almost reach success, then spiral downwards?  Do you have relationships that keep ending the same way?  Do you have thoughts or feelings that you don't like?  You are being controlled by your belief system...but all that can change. It will change, because you've found the secret.

    Zap Your Limiting Beliefs with this new, powerful recording that will walk you through a process to find those limiting beliefs at their core, and transform them into beliefs that will support your dreams and desires.

    If you've ever tried affirmations, positive thinking and the Law of Attraction without success, you have beliefs that are causing resistance, pushing away the things that you want. Now, in less than 1/2 hour, you can change a core belief that has been standing in your way of getting what you want.

    Change BeliefsIt's your choice.  You can choose to keep the beliefs that have gotten you where you are in life. Or you can choose to change them.

    Choose to change them today - and start on the path of creating a life - designing yourself anew, just the way you've always wanted to be.

    You'll easily relax with the soothing music, and the soft voice will guide you into your inner control center, where you will find those old beliefs and remove them from your emotional, history, genetic and spiritual centers, then you'll create new beliefs and install them, activating new thoughts, responses and actions that will move you toward what you really want, and that old resistance will just dissolve away.