Spa of your Inner Mind

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Relax and Enjoy a journey into your inner mind's spa.Spa of your Inner Mind MP3

Enter the Spa of Your Inner Mind

Sit back and relax as this audio program takes you to a wonderful place - full of imagination and healing.  You'll find yourself traveling within your deep, inner mind into a world where you can find the healing you want, need and deserve.

Feel the awesome power of your subconscious mind as you open to its healing power in your Healing Room

Get detailed and profound answers to your questions in your Room of Insight

Feel your body let go of old toxins, both physical and emotional as you journey into your Detoxification Room

Get fascinating information when you visit the Dead Genius Cafe and have conversations with your long-gone heroes

Nourish your spirit when you frolic and play in your Fun Room or Play Room

You'll have a new experience every time you listen to this program. Give yourself permission to heal deeply now, with the Spa of Your Inner Mind audio program.