Release Negativity and Restore your Spirit MP3


Negativity affects us all from time to time. Painful or bad experiences in our lives tend to influence Release Negativity with Hypnosisthe way that we think, feel and act.  You push down the hurt, the sadness, the anger and resentment, but ultimately it weighs heavy on you.

What if there were a way to release negativity? To say goodbye to the heaviness you feel, to quiet the little voices in your head? What if you could feel clear, focused and light?

Unfortunately, they don't teach you how to do this in school. Not Elementary, High School or even College courses teach techniques to release old hurts, and replace them with feelings of peace, love and personal power.

Now there is a way.

Michelle Beaudry, CHt, has created a wonderful visualization taking you deep inside your mind, into the Spa of Your Inner Mind.  She has used this process with many of her clients, and now Success Enterprises is proud to offer this powerful release technique to YOU.

In just moments, as you listen to her soft, soothing voice, you'll begin to relax the negativity away. You'll easily release old, negative events and feelings and restore peace and joy to that part of you that has been overcome by the past.

By tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, the part of your mind that generates and stores emotions, Michelle's technique for release will give you profound, permanent results.  You'll feel renewed in your mind, body and spirit.