Sports Improvement MP3


Imagery has been used to improve sports performance by pros and amateurs with excellent results.  Sports Improvement MP3Coaches, athletes and sports organizations have used sports imagery with great success, and you can't find an Olympian athlete who doesn't use visualization consistently in their routine.

Now there's a program that makes it easy to improve your mental focus and train yourself to play in the zone, in just a short amount of time.

If you are serious about your sport, you need this program.

These audio programs use Emotive Visualization, a specific kind of imagery that engages all your senses - this is where many other programs fall short.  By adding in the senses of touch, smell, hearing, you will improve your results, but we've take in one step further.  By adding the sense of intense emotion, such as adding the feeling of winning, sense of accomplishment and more to the imagery, we bypass that thinking, conscious mind and as you visualize yourself making the perfect movements or playing the perfect game, that information gets programmed right into your subconscious mind, in a very powerful way.  You draw on that new programming as you practice, play and compete, making improvements in every area almost automatic.

The information gets programmed right into your subconscious a powerful way...    

Subconscious Training for Sports Success

Will I have to listen to this every day to see results?

No.  However, we recommend that at first, you listen to the program every day, then as you get the results you want, you can listen to the program less and less. We want you to have excellent results - remember, it took time for you to ingrain bad habits and techniques, it will take some time to reprogram them.

Can I use this program for any sport?

Yes, the program has been designed to help you improve and perfect your mental focus and acuity. allowing you to program and perfect your athletic skills, abilities and techniques. You can choose whatever you want to fit into the imagery scenarios.

I'm a teenager, can I use this program?

Absolutely.  This program is appropriate for teens and adults, as well as coaches, sports teams and professionals.

If you want to be good, really have to play the mental game.  Mental toughness is 90% of most sports.

Learn to let go of the past...increase your focus at will...imprint the proper techniques and movements right into your deep, subconscious your consistently.