Motivation - 3 MP3s


Extreme Motivation - supercharge your motivation and reach your goals!

Do you feel blocked?  Do you procrastinate? Do you want to reach a new level of success?Motivation Hypnosis MP3s

Motivation is a key element in any success story.  To be successful, you have to stay clear, focused, determined and on purpose, but many people have trouble staying "in the zone."  

What if there were a way you could refocus and recharge in just a few minutes?  What if you could get really clear about what direction to go and what actions to take?  And what if your level of commitment shot up to 200%?

Extreme Motivation is the program that you need to rocket propel yourself to success!

This program includes 3 audios that will help you find and overcome your blocks to success, guide you to a clear focus of what you really want and spur you into Inspired Action, easily and effortlessly achieving your dreams, desires and goals. It combines hypnotic techniques with mental exercises and visualization, giving you the tools you need to make instant, deep, lasting change.

Use these audios separately when you need to work on just one issue, or all together for a powerful, inspiring experience.

Audio 1: Clarity and Purpose: 23.30 Minutes

Extreme Motivation MP3To be truly successful, you need to define what you truly want.  In this audio you will take on the attributes of an eagle - clear sight, laser focus and objectivity.  You'll be able to get really clear about what you really want and why. Use it when starting new projects, or when you need clarity or direction on a current project.
Audio 2: Conquer the Fear - 23 Minutes

We all have limiting beliefs that get in the way, and fears that keep us from being our best.  They cause us to procrastinate, avoid and be less effective in our actions. In this audio, you'll be guided to discover what those beliefs and fears are, and you'll be able to resolve and release them.

Audio 3: Inspired Action - 16.06 Minutes

No matter how much you visualize or use the "Law of Attraction," you still need to take action to make your dreams come true.  This audio will light a fire deep within you that will keep you on the path you choose and inspire you to take "right" actions.  This is a great audio to listen to every morning to help you stay motivated and in action, moving toward your goals.