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I have suffered for forty plus years from panic attacks, have been to every therapist, shrink, counselor et cetera, and even been treated by a Veterans Administration administered program (five months in length) through the University of Central Florida psychology department. In one session with Success Enterprises(Body & Mind Hypnosis) my work, dietary, and other behavioral issues are nearly 100% improved. I've worked in Juvenile Court, been a progenitor to Lakeside Alternatives, an all women's drug treatment facility owned by The Center for Drug Free Living, and have served for almost twenty years as a music therapist in local retirement homes, rehabilitation facilities, and in a major hospital. I have also been halfway through a graduate program in guidance and counseling in a major university, With all of this said, I have to add that I've taken nearly every drug used for the treatment of anxiety disorders. So, I come to the following with tremendous insight; the practicing hypnotherapist at Success Enterprises afforded more efficacy through an hour and fifteen minute session than all the above combined. Not only is this the case with me, but I've never seen an intervention of any sort in all my years in and around psychology that had this much immediate impact on any patient at any time except for the administration of Haldol or Thorazine by injection in controlling a psychotic patient in crisis!
Date of Posting: 08 August 2015
Posted By: Fred

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